Sherman mattress guarantee & care instructions

You’ve made a great choice to purchase a new Sherman mattress. We know you will experience many years of comfort and good sleep. We encourage you to read and understand the following instructions when setting up you Sherman mattress for the first time.

Set up instructions

  • Always transport and store your mattress on it’s side in it’s dust bag. You must carry the mattress with another adult, not by yourself.
  • Never fold or bend your mattress because it will damage the mattress spring unit and edge support frames. Gradually manoeuvre the mattress when going through doorways.
  • Don’t remove the tag located on the underside of your mattress. This contains details vital to your guarantee.
  • Dispose of your plastic mattress bag straight away. CAUTION: Keep plastic bags out of reach of children.

Mattress foundation

  • When purchasing a new mattress, you should consider replacing your old foundation as well.
  • For the best performance of your mattress, we strongly recommend the use of an appropriate, new foundation. Sherman mattresses are not designed to be used on a flexible or sprung base, this can cause the mattress to dip and will not offer appropriate support.

Slat beds - Important advice*

  • When used on a slat base that does not comply to Australian product standards, your mattress will not perform as it would on a Sherman bed base. Sherman bed bases are available at and are suitable for all mattress types.

To ensure that the slats in your furniture provide safe and appropriate support, please check the following:

  • Use solid, non-flexible slats spaced so that the gaps between the slats are not wider than the width of the slats themselves, maximum width between slats is 70mm.
  • Slats should be fixed to the frame to prevent movement during use.
  • For Queen and King size, an adequate centre rail with support leg must support the slats.
  • All slats should be smooth with any sharp edges removed.

* Damage caused by the use of inappropriate slats as detailed above is not covered under this guarantee.

Ongoing mattress care

Instructions: Here are the things you need to do regularly to care for new Sherman mattress.

  • Keep Clean: Keep your mattress clean, a mattress protector is strongly advisable.
  • Keep Dry: You should protect your mattress from water and other fluids. A waterproof sheet or fitted waterproof cover under the mattress protector is strongly advisable for young children’s beds.
  • Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning chemicals can damage some of the mattress materials. Refer to the care instructions on the law-tag (sewn into the underside of all Sherman mattresses).
  • Airing: We recommend occasionally vacuuming and airing your mattress.
  • Rotate and Turn: Rotating your Sherman mattress will even out the settling of upholstery layers, increase the comfort and prolong the life of your mattress. Rotate your mattress end to end every month.
  • Avoid damage: You should never allow anyone to jump on your mattress as this can dislodge the comfort layers and damage the spring unit.



Sherman specialises in manufacturing quality beds designed for healthy sleep. Please understand that it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the feel and support of a new mattress.


Sherman offers a guarantee for the benefit of the original purchaser of the product only and is not transferable.


Your guarantee protects you from the day you receive your purchase and continues according to the details on the law tag. This tag is sewn into the underside of the mattress and must not be removed. In the event that we repair or replace your mattress, this guarantee continues your protection from the original date of receipt. You must keep your purchase receipt for the duration of the guarantee.

Sherman will repair (or replace at Sherman’s option) without charge to the original purchaser, any manufacturing fault (as defined). Sherman reserves the right to refuse service when the product is found, upon inspection, to be in an unsanitary or dirty condition or when the product failure is due to other causes other than defective workmanship or materials ie: edges damaged, mattress material tampered with, punctured, ripped or slashed.

Where there is a manufacturing fault, transport charges will be met by Sherman within Australia only.

Sherman reserves the right to charge an up-front call out fee prior to an inspection taking place at any stage during the life of the mattress. This fee will be fully refunded should a manufacturing fault be discovered.


If an identical product is not available at the time of repair or replacement, Sherman reserves the manufacturer’s right to substitute with a product of equal quality. Identical products to the original purchase cannot be guaranteed; however, the closest available match will always be attempted.


This guarantee covers the following specific manufacturing faults under conditions of normal wear:

  • Coils in the mattress spring unit that are loose or broken
  • Coils in the mattress spring unit that protrude or tear through any fabric


  • Mattress fabric (including stains, soiling, burns, holes or pilling)
  • Normal body indentations (less than 60mm)
  • Spring Unit Support Frames that run along the perimeter of the mattress bent due to moving or folding the mattress
  • Bedding sold by us or another retailer sold in ‘as-is” or used condition
  • Comfort preference
  • Mattress height
  • Sheet fit
  • New mattress smell; this is unavoidable in any new mattress
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation (your slat base must conform to the Australian manufacturing standards)
  • Minor manufacturing anomalies that do not impact the performance of the mattress (eg: mis-stitching on quilting)
  • Damage due to abuse


Always lift with another adult when moving a mattress & Don't ever jump on your mattress or bed base.