Want to sleep like a baby?

Help for better sleep
Want to sleep like a baby?

There are many things you can try if you're not sleeping well.

The easiest, of course, is to think about replacing your mattress. Once a mattress reaches the age of 10, regardless of how expensive it was, it has probably lost a lot of comfort. Many mattresses won't even reach the ripe, old age of 10 - you might find that cheap mattress that seemed like a bargain only lasts for a couple of years before it's worn out.

We have many articles worth a read that will definitely help you to find better sleep:

Meditation and breathing. Simple exercises that will have you in la-la land in no time.

Bedtime stretches. A few easy stretches to help your body and muscles to fully relax in preparation for a long sleep.

Herbal teas to try. There are many herbal brews that people swear by to help them fall asleep fast.

Foods to avoid before bed. Certain foods are a no-no before bedtime.

Drinks to avoid before bed. Not just coffee, you might be surprised at what some liquids can do to keep you up at night.

Why screens are never a good idea before bedtime. Here's how to establish a no-screen-routine before bed.

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