We only supply Melbourne Suburbs. Please contact us to enquire about deliveries to other areas.

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Not your average online mattress company

Australia's only female-led mattress brand

Hi, I'm Kirsty Day. Together with a group of other Australian mattress industry professionals, we are Sherman.

We've had decades of experience in manufacturing and retailing mattresses in Australia and we’re passionate about improving your mattress buying experience.

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No compromising on quality

No compromising on quality

We make a traditional, pocket-spring mattress, not something that comes rolled up in a box.

We refuse to compromise on the quality of our mattresses, just to make it cheaper for us to deliver to you.

We go the extra mile by only using fully certified foams and fabrics. These components cost us a little more but we know that our mattresses are better for you & your family and better for the planet.

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