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Sherman mattress delivery guide

    Whilst we can't reach every possible corner of Australia, our delivery network covers approximate 93% of the Australian population. If you're unsure of whether we can deliver to your suburb, please use the postcode checker at the top of each page. 

    If you live in a metro suburb around Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, our staff can usually deliver to you within a few working days from when you place your order (please understand that during busy times, this can stretch out a little and may be beyond our control).

    If you live in a suburb outside of these metro areas, we use a third-party transport company. Some areas have limited delivery days, please check our postcode checker for this info. Our transport company collate all the deliveries to be performed on the day and will notify you early that day of an ETA.

    Your purchase price includes free delivery (if available in your area) and full installation into any room in your home.

    If you have stairs in your home, please measure up to ensure that the mattress can be moved through your staircase.

    Unfortunately, many homes have staircases that have not been designed to move bulky furniture through. If you’ve had difficulty moving a couch or fridge up the stairs in your home, you will most certainly have the same problem with a Queen or King size mattress.

    At the lowest point, (A) the ceiling height above your stairs needs to be a
    minimum of 200cm high.

    If your home has a 90 or 180 degree turn in the staircase, the landing will
    need to be a minimum of 200cm wide (B) x 100cm deep (C) in order for us to manoeuvre the mattress through the staircase.Sherman mattresses do not bend or flatten in any way so it is not simply a matter of “squeezing them through” a tight space or for our delivery team to just “try a little harder”.

    Our delivery team will take great care to not damage your home. We also adhere to strict OH&S guidelines in order to prevent workplace accidents or injuries so our delivery team are not able to lift mattresses over chest-height. This includes lifting over balconies or over high railings.

    Please understand that if your staircase is smaller than the dimensions listed above or, if there are obstacles such as wall lights or stair bannisters that prevent us from moving the mattress up the stairs, we may have to abandon the delivery.

    In this situation, you may choose for us to leave the mattress in a more accessible area of your home or we will remove the mattress and offer you a refund. However, in the case where you have not alerted us to any possible problems before the delivery, we may charge you a $99 delivery
    abandonment fee that will be deducted from your refund.

    If you have any concerns about your delivery, please contact us well ahead of your scheduled delivery day on (03) 8797 1259 or