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You have probably typed this question into Google at some point in your search for a new mattress. Along with: Best mattress in Australia?

But the better question would be: What’s the best mattress in Australia…for me?

You see, a lot of people will tell you what they think is the best mattress. But their answers may not have any relevance for you.

Your cousin reckons that the $4000 solid latex mattress that she bought recently is the “best-ever”. But she forgot to mention that it’s hard as a brick, that’s just how she likes a mattress to feel. You might find that you absolutely hate that, and it may just deliver the worst night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

So, how do we go about finding the best mattress that ticks all our highly subjective boxes?

More than likely, you're looking for a mattress that suits these conditions:

BUDGET. Are you happy to splurge or need the price to be a little more reasonable?

COMFORT. Whatever comfort level you need to fall asleep and not toss and turn so that most of the night is spent in a deep, restorative level of sleep.

SUPPORT. We all know about the importance of posture whilst we’re sitting and standing. But we don’t think too much about the importance of keeping our spine in it’s natural alignment whilst we’re sleeping - we rely 100% on the level of support in our mattress for that.

LIFE SPAN. How long do you expect this mattress to last before you need to buy a new one?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for the last three. Price is often the only thing about a mattress that we can be sure of in advance.

You will only be able to judge Comfort, Support and Life Span once you’ve purchased the mattress and found out the hard way (pun intended, especially if you bought the solid latex that your cousin recommended).

In this series, we’ll help you to break down these complicated subjects before you buy a mattress.

It is a bit of a long read. Sure.

But it will save you hours of tramping from one mattress store to another, and hours of online research (which, by the way, is fraught with untruths and misleading information).

Here are the subjects that we’ll cover:

And, finally:

About the different types of mattress available for sale in Australia


We group almost every type of mattress that you can buy in Australia into two categories: Innerspring (the kind that we make at Sherman mattresses) and Solid Foam.

Most bricks-and-mortar retail mattress stores sell Innerspring mattresses.

The common style that you find online is one that can be rolled up and shipped in a box and these fit into the Solid Foam category, even when they feature some springs. Read more…

An article to help you find the best mattress for back, hip or shoulder pain


We know that when mattress shoppers ask which mattress would be best for a sore back, they are hoping that a salesperson will know.

Unfortunately, you may struggle to find an honest answer to this overly broad problem. It’s definitely not something that a mattress salesman can help you with, unless they also happen to be your medical practitioner. Read more..

But we do have some tips if you’re struggling with hip pain or shoulder pain and can offer some advice on the style of mattress that will be best and some sleep tips that may help. Read more…

The most comprehensive articles about mattress springs and mattress foams


For many of us, researching an expensive product before we purchase is a given.

Sadly, you’ll find very little accurate information on mattress components on the internet.

The big mattress brands who could explain all of these things have good reason to keep this information quiet, so the world of mattress components is a bit of a mystery to most shoppers.

At Sherman, we believe in transparency in the mattress industry. So, if you’re ready for some serious research into the world of mattress springs, we’ll explain everything that you need to know in this article here.

We also go into a bit of detail about mattress foam.

In every mattress that you can buy in Australia (beside cotton futons), foam is the most crucial component for comfort.

Foam is also the component in mattresses that wears out first, so the better quality the foam – the longer the comfort in the mattress will last. We talk about foam types here and go into detail about foam grades and quality here.

Sherman mattress best value mattress in Australia


To really understand value in a mattress, you need to understand if the mattress will help you to sleep well – or not.

Once you find the answer to that complicated part of the puzzle, you’ll then need to know how long the mattress will last.

We all want a new mattress to be comfortable, of course. And the truth is that even very cheap mattresses can be comfy. At first.

But you can’t really judge value until you can understand how long the comfort in a mattress will last.

We cover what you need to know to judge the true value of a mattress here and how to estimate the life span of a mattress here.

Sherman mattress awarded best value mattress in Australia


Every part and process involved in manufacturing a Sherman mattress is revealed in this article. You may want to put your feet up before you dive into this article - it's a bit to get through!

We detail every step and process that goes into making each Sherman mattress.


We didn’t set out to write this article to sell more Sherman mattresses.

We feel very strongly about seeing change in the Australian retail mattress market, and in helping Australians to buy a better mattress and find better sleep.

But, if we’ve convinced you that Sherman is the brand for you, then the last question you might have is “Which Sherman mattress is the best one for me?”

This is another tricky one for us. But answering a few simple questions in our Mattress Quiz might help you to choose.

We pretty much ALWAYS recommend our medium mattress, the famous “Just Perfect”. It’s called that for a reason!

This mattress was designed by us 16 years ago as the mattress that will suit almost everyone.

We took our many decades of experience with making mattresses for the big retail chains and combined our expert level of knowledge about mattress components and mattress manufacturing.

We know that support is crucial, so we designed a very sturdy pocket spring unit that would ‘prop’ most people up into the right posture for good sleep.

We made sure that the springs would still ‘yield’ enough for the parts of bodies that protrude, like hips and shoulders.

We also made sure that even after the foam layers lose their comfort (many, many years!), the spring unit would still provide a lot of comfort.

We then added enough cushioning in the foam layers so that it felt soft enough for most to fall asleep quickly, yet not too soft for those that don’t like to sink into a mattress.

However, if you know that you like a firm mattress (quite firm) then you’ll want to go for our “Firm But Fair” mattress instead.

If you like the sound of our “Just Perfect” but think that you’d like even more cushioning on top, then you should try our “Full Body Hug” mattress.

Finally, with all of our mattresses, we made sure that the mattress would be long-lasting.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our product, but we know that our mattresses will often outlast that by a long way.

Whichever of the Sherman mattress range that you choose, we welcome you to the Sherman family and we wish you good sleep.

Kirsty Day, Managing Director of Sherman Australia

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