Sherman mattress promise of quality and service

Our Promise of Quality and Service

At Sherman, we want to change the way you buy a mattress.

No hidden secrets

It's time for transparency in the mattress industry. We list our full specifications, from our spring units to our foam grades.

This is the only way to really compare value.


Our commitment to you

1. No fancy, made-up names that might sound impressive, but don't offer you any real benefits. We're proud to list all of our components and explain why we use them.

2. No cardboard box. Our mattresses can't be rolled up and stuffed in a box. We won't compromise on the structural integrity of our mattresses just to make it cheaper to send them to you.

3. One mattress doesn't suit everyone. If we've learned one thing from decades of making mattresses, it's this: different bodies need different mattresses. We offer you 3 choices from softer to firmer. Plus, we help you to choose the one that is perfect for you.

4. We're listening. With decades of experience in the mattress industry, we've made it our mission to understand what our customers want. We promise to deliver the best service you've ever had!

5. No commission sales agents. We won't pressure you into choosing a mattress just so the salesperson can "make the sale". Let us help you to find the best sleep you've ever your own time.

6. We know our stuff. It might be nerdy, but we're proud to be mattress experts. Our Sherman mattresses are the culmination of decades or experience manufacturing and selling mattresses in Australia.

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