We only supply Melbourne Suburbs. Please contact us to enquire about deliveries to other areas.

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Our promise to you

At Sherman, we want to change the way you buy a mattress.

No hidden secrets

It's time for transparency in the mattress industry. We list our full specifications, from our spring units to our foam grades.

This is the only way to really compare value.


We're changing the industry

We started Sherman to change the Australian mattress industry. These are our promises to you:

1. No compromising on quality. We put quality first, ahead of everything. If we need to cut costs to make our mattresses more affordable; we cut our marketing budget, not our quality standards.

2. No stupid prices. Paying thousands of dollars for a mattress is crazy. Even if the Queen really does sleep on that $10,000 mattress, that doesn't mean that it will help you to sleep better and it doesn't mean it will last longer.

3. No rebates to stores. No inflated rents. No retail mark-ups. No sales commission. These are what make the prices in stores so outrageous. Our direct to consumer model saves you a ton of money.

4. No outlandish marketing claims. We're strongly opposed to some of the claims that mattress manufacturers' make about their mattresses. No, that diamond-infused, NASA-designed, patent-pending mattress doesn't mean it's a better mattress.

5. No fancy, made-up names for components that might sound impressive, but don't offer you any real benefits. We're proud to list all of our components and explain why we use them.

6. No cardboard box. Our mattresses can't be rolled up and stuffed in a box. We won't compromise on the structural integrity of our mattresses just to make it cheaper to send them to you.

7. No whizz-kids. We might not be young, marketing hot-shots but that's ok. Instead, we're proud to be mattress experts. Sherman mattresses are the culmination of decades of experience in manufacturing and retailing mattresses in Australia.

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