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Is there really a difference between Sherman and every other mattress brand?

YES! And it's a VERY important difference.

You see, Sherman is the only brand of mattresses in Australia that openly publish their full list of specifications so that you can genuinely see what you're paying for. 

If you can't see the grades of foams, and the thickness of each foam layer in a mattress then you can't really compare the quality or the value of any mattress.

A mattress priced at $399 might seem like a cheap price...but is it? What if the actual value was no better than the $129 mattress that you could buy on Gumtree?

A mattress priced at $7000 might have you thinking that it was top quality...but how do you really know that? What if the quality was no better than the $1000 mattress in the store next door? 

For too long, the specifications in mattresses has been hidden from mattress shoppers. The industry uses all sorts of excuses to pretend that these specifications don't matter.

Excuses like: "people won't understand foam grades". Ahhh, yes, you will be able to understand foam grades easily. Check out our handy guide to foam grades here.

Or this excuse: "Our specifications are propietary information that we don't want to reveal to our competitors". Except, that if any other manufacturer really wanted to know the specs, they can just buy that mattress and cut it open.

When we started Sherman mattresses, we all wanted to see change in the mattress industry. The sort of change that would help Australians to buy a better mattress, at a better price. We also knew that we could manufacture mattresses that were far superior to most of the other brands, and still find a way to keep the mattress affordable.

We're so confident of our mattresses, that we don't hide any of the information about our components - in fact, we encourage you to take our specifications to other mattress stores and compare the quality, the price and the value.

We're either crazy, or we know that you'll discover that our mattresses are top quality, long lasting, incredibly comfortable - and at least half the price of any other mattress brand. 

See our full list of specifications here.

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